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(82) Fatherliness was a common trope in subject lord correspondence, but it could also be used for strategic purposes in communication between urban magistrates.
But fatherliness is again indistinguishable from motherliness; like his "dear widow-sister," Bentley now lives wholly with and for the children, cut off from both work and sex.
Alexander too invokes fatherliness, noting that he is almost old enough to be her father and that emotionally he fulfills the role (33).
[36] The gentleman's casual inquiry suddenly becomes even less innocent; by retrospective implication, Steedman removes the last traces of fatherliness from him (and from Mayhew) by implying that he may well have been a john.
Illegitimacy is commonplace, and fatherliness is one of the most serious social problems facing our nation with 40 percent of our children spending at least some part of their formative years without a father around.