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The collection is rich in images of the sublime, where the viewer is forced to grapple with the seen and the unseen, the fathomable and the unfathomable.
I know it's simply not fathomable to most women today, but we need to at least know that thinking exists and understand it in our industry.
THE PARADOX OF ELIOT PORTER'S nature photography is the paradox of postwar nature itself: nature at once more and less real than it had been before, more proximate and farther away, more readily fathomable and yet harder to see without state-of-the-art optical prosthetics.
Let us seek to fathom those things that are fathomable and reserve those things which are unfathomable for reverence in quietude.
IT'S an error that is hardly fathomable and our elections watchdog was right to issue a swift apology after allowing the name of murdered soldier Lee Rigby to be linked to an extreme right wing group.
Every week Mark will attempt to throw the most outrageous functions fathomable, from US frat parties to Harlem block bashes.
Is it possible or even fathomable that generations later, we their children, are less aware or mindful?
Over the past two season Messi has reached the barely fathomable figure of 123 goals, whilst Cesc Fabregas comes closest with just 28.
33) After more than 30 Boko Haram suicide attacks in 2012, it is now fathomable that Boko Haram could employ female suicide bombers, a tactic which the Taliban have employed in Afghanistan since June 2010.
There is obviously no age at which it is ever fathomable, manageable or even remotely OK to have cancer, but I suppose the older you are, the more coping strategies you have garnered.