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When I first saw my daughter I felt like some latent part of myself got switched on in that moment, something to do with my own femininity and fathomless love that I had previously speculated upon but not accessed.
The appendix report No (5) is the latest report in a series of fact- finding reports issued by the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al-Nour documenting the latest incidents of the ongoing genocide in Darfur as well as the fathomless human rights violations in Sudan.
Because Atkins so skillfully conjures scenarios that are relatively commonplace, the shock when he abruptly summons scenes of violence and catastrophe--dismemberments minor and major, outlandish encounters with objects and bodily substances queasily sloshing around in baggage bins, the wholesale disappearance of a house into a fathomless hell maw--is all the more vivid.
collected on the beach that reminded us of journeys, fathomless depths,
What I write here, said Labayen, is the fruit of my 33 years of pastoral experience as the bishop prelate of Infanta (Quezon) interwoven with the dark strands of trials, crisis, harassment, persecution and marginalization, and also with the bright strands of pastoral breakthroughs, deep insights, qualitative turning points, reassuring faith-experiences of the living God of history, His/Her comforting presence in the midst of abandonment, and discovery of the fathomless depths of the human spirit.
He explained that the two countries had fathomless potentials in industry, tourism in particular, and therefore, he added, introducing direct Skopje-Cairo flight services was a must.
Haunting black and white sketches from Cornelia Funke herself grace the pages, depicting faces and scenes in shadow or partially revealed, adding a mysterious element to what is, at heart, a tale of love lost, love gained, and love reinvented as the golden thread of "true love, selfless and deep as the oceans in their most fathomless depths," becomes a tangible tether, coveted by some and cursed by others.
With cardboard and concrete paired together, opposing forces meet, bringing to mind fathomless discord and the need for understanding and compromise.
Fathomless tells of Sean, who has tried to avoid magic but who has been offered the chance to hone his skills with a good teacher.
Within this fathomless diasporic gulf, which psychologically widens daily, is a black hole brimming with colliding burning stars.
through a prairie winter, you will know its fathomless darkness and
But history teaches that human beings are capable of fathomless evil.