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Other Blancpain initiatives include partnerships the History Diving Society for the Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award, famed free diver Gianluca Genoni, The Economist's World Ocean Summit as well as some of the world's most renowned underwater photographers.
"In recent years the bottomfish fishery has had to move from inside 40 fathoms to inside of 20 fathoms during the middle of the summer.
Product evolution was the key for future success for Blancpain and the X Fathoms is an extension of this line of thinking.
John was an executive sous chef for Chandler's Restaurant in Petoskey, and a sous chef at Fathoms Restaurant in Mich.
In particular, Harryhausen was essential to bringing to life the dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures that were integral to his four classic Hollywood films: "One Million Years B.C.", "The Beasts from 20,000 Fathoms", "The Animal World", and "The Valley of Gwangi".
A real lead line is at least 20 fathoms, or 120 feet, long.
"The shaft of the pit was 180 fathoms deep, and had been seven years in sinking, at an immense cost to the proprietors, Messrs Pemberton and Thompson.
covered with torn fishing nets, still rests at 26 fathoms off the New Jersey coast.
Gary, a director of Wick-based Fathoms Ltd, was diving with Kenny Paterson, 34, of Thurso, in August, 1998.
EBTG: Five Fathoms (Virgin) - Grumpy students turned dance floor gurus get us ready for the new album at the end of the month.
Most provocative is the way they promulgate the Minimalist notion of sculpture as a thing in the world, rather than a thing apart; following Morris, Judd, et al., Pardo fathoms art as the occasion for encounter (i.e., questions), rather than the generic stuff of aesthetic experience (i.e., self-sufficient answers).