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Different Parts Of Erector Spinae Muscle Fatigability In Subjects With And Without Low Back Pain.
By day 30, asthenia was present in only 3 patients, fatigability in 4, tiredness in 5, anorexia in 2, abdominal discomfort in 2, and jaundice in 3 patients.
Immune factors have been associated with primary fatigue (Bakshi; Kos et al., 2007) and asthenia (Iriarte et al., 2000), while fatigability has been associated with pyramidal-tract involvement (Iriarte et al.).
Gender differences in the fatigability of the forearm muscles have been previously investigated during sustained isometric handgrip contractions.
This could be due to the toxic effect of the oil and may explain the dose related increase in weakness and fatigability observed in the animals during the period of experimentation.
More than 20 clinical trials have described improvement in tender joints, fatigability and morning stiffness in people taking fish oil supplements.
This is followed in descending order by referrals for palpitations, syncope, easy fatigability, and requested follow-up of an "abnormal" echocardiogram.
Because it has been hypothesized that intensity of depression, somatic symptoms, and disability are associated with physical fatigability (a hallmark symptom of CFS), and avoidance of demanding tasks, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for the treatment of CFS has been widely supported (Anderson & Ferrans, 1997; Fischler et al., 1997; Friedberg, 1996; Kantrowitz et al., 1995; Ray et al., 1995).
This is often manifested as easy fatigability and a reduction in muscle mass, particularly in the legs.
Fatigability, parental anxiety (resulting in emotional overstimulation and limitations on life experiences), discontinuity in scholastic attendance, and reduction in social interaction may also negatively affect intellectual performance.
His wife was treated with intravenous fluids and mannitol Following the acute episode, the husband complained of more frequent headaches, and his wife continued to experience tearing eyes, easy fatigability, and pruritus after eating seafood.
Psychiatric tests for indecisiveness, work difficulty, fatigability, indicated that these were all increased in moderate degree during caffeinefree periods as were confusion, bewilderment and total mood disturbances.