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Back extensor muscle oxygenation and fatigability in healthy subjects and low back pain patients during dynamic back extension exertion.
In patients with slow-channel CMS (SCCMS), electrophysiological examination has revealed that prolonged opening activity of the AChR channel causes depolarization block, which contributes to muscle weakness and fatigability.
Broken or jerky pursuit intact towards side of lesion Positional Features of Yes No nystagmus latency, adaptibility, fatigability present?
The results showed that patients with MS cycled longer with the stronger leg, which implies greater fatigability in the weaker leg.
Recently, researchers have differentiated between fatigue (perceived fatigue) and fatigability (objective changes in the execution of a task; Chaudhuri & Behan, 2004).
There was neither unusual fatigability nor any bruising nor such ulceration in the past.
The key symptoms of this disorder are breathlessness, chest pain on exertion, easy fatigability and swelling of the feet.
Myasthenia gravis (MG) is characterised by muscle fatigability, which may be chronic and debilitating.
Children with mitochondrial disease often present with developmental delay, behavioral problems, fatigability, and a general lack of energy (Koene et al.
Four months after the last infusion of IVIG, the patient reported mild 4-limb fatigability after exercise, but results of objective neurologic examination were normal.