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Fluctuating fatigable skeletal muscle weakness is usually diagnostic of MG.
Esto podria comprometer la capacidad metabolica del tejido y reducir su rendimiento, transformando al musculo esqueletico en un tejido facilmente fatigable, lo cual limitara con el tiempo la movilizacion del paciente y su capacidad para hacer ejercicio.
They have the fastest speed of shortening and highest specific tension, yet are more fatigable as they have fewer capillaries and mitochondria per fiber (Baldwin et al.
In this paper, the authors report a 24-year-old patient displaying bilateral lid ptosis, fatigable weakness of the lower extremities, high-arched palate, pectus carinatum, moderate limitation of eye movements, weak orbicularis oculi muscles, and selectively severe distal upper limb and extensor hallucis longus weakness.