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Fatigue fracture surfaces of EP/BCP systems at different concentrations: (A) 2 wt%.
Counting the amount of MnS in the vicinity of fatigue fracture and facing them to the fictitious number of cycles to failure does not show a distinctive relation (Figure 15).
Fatigue fracture of a proximally modular, distally tapered fluted implant with diaphyseal fixation.
Fatigue fracture of the tibia in dancers (report of 3 cases).
2 according to [0]) is equal to the size of the part of the fatigue fracture surface containing mostly microseparation facets and situated normal to the axis of the specimen.
7) Two types of stress fractures have been described; an insufficiency fracture (resulting from normal stress applied to abnormal bone) and a fatigue fracture (normal bone subjected to repetitive stresses over time leading to mechanical failure).
When bone is subjected to excessive cyclic loading, fatigue fracture will take place similar to fatigue in metals [3].
The morphology of fatigue fracture surface (caused by constant cycle loading) is strictly related to crack growth rate.
Through examining the fracture site it became clear that the crack had started in the outer surface and propagated slowly into the material in a stepwise fashion, like a fatigue fracture (Figure 9).
In 2003, that decision was reversed by a state appellate court that said the rule does not apply to this case because Bell had failed to disclose to the Federal Aviation Administration five prior military helicopter crashes that had the same design yoke and fatigue fracture.
The midfielder suffered a fatigue fracture to his right foot during last week's victory Istanbul.
The fractured surface of the samples was obviously different to the simple tensile fracture and was characteristic of a fatigue fracture.