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Mrs Fitzpatrick, hearing from Mrs Honour that Sophia had not been in bed during the two last nights, and observing her to look very pale and wan with her fatigue, earnestly entreated her to refresh herself with some sleep.
In despair she wandered about for days and nights, and at last, worn out by fatigue, she sank once more into a deep sleep, and dreamt exactly the same dream about the old witch.
Figure 2 shows fatigues cycles and average fatigue cycles under different corrosion time.
Safe fatigue life is one main index of aircraft which is determined by fatigue test [2].
Corrosion and fatigue are main damage to aircraft structure in service and many investigations have found the influence of corrosion and fatigue on the aircraft material [3-6].
As experiments of alternate action of fatigue and corrosion can account for aircraft service progress well, it is interesting to discuss the safe fatigue life under alternate state.
However, central, physical, mental, and peripheral fatigues were described.
Central, physical, mental, and peripheral fatigues have all been recognized as occurring in PD, but there is no universally accepted definition of fatigue specific to PD.
Keywords: definition, fatigue, interventions, measurement, nonmotor Parkinson symptoms, Parkinson disease
C'est pourquoi il n'y a pas une fatigue, mais des personnes qui souffrent de fatigues diverses dont on doit rechercher la ou les causes, de facon individuelle.
Qui de nous n'a pas ressenti un jour ou l'autre ressenti une fatigue sans raison valable?
Entre rythme de vie trepidant, stress, insomnie ou meme parfois sans raison particuliere, la fatigue qui perdure doit etre prise au serieux.