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They were long-term chronic-illness patients (30 CFS/ME; 17 chronic Lyme disease; 16 other fatiguing illnesses, including fibromyalgia syndrome and Gulf War illness; 4 autoimmune disease, including rheumatoid arthritis; 2 cancer; and 2 diabetes) who had tried unsuccessfully many drugs and supplements (average > 35) to reduce their fatigue.
For a single set of resistance training comparing a series of repetitions carried out to fatigue with a series of repetitions not performed to fatigue, our data indicate total energy expenditure, including anaerobic energy expenditure and recovery energy expenditure, are larger for fatiguing as compared to non-fatiguing exercise as indicated by the Y-intercept data (Table 2).
An outbreak of a puzzling fatiguing illness in northern Nevada in 1984 was a beginning for the later named chronic illness: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)(Holmes, Kaplan, & Steward, 1987 as cited in Friedberg, 1996).