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Yet most of the birds succeed in growing back their feathers in time to go back to sea and fatten up before beginning--again--their long march.
Filmmakers such as Atom Egoyan, Patricia Rozema, Bruce McDonald, Peter Mettler and John Greyson flourished during this "golden age," the likes of which we will never see again under the current system of competing tax credits that only serve to fatten the wallets of fickle producers and provide seasonal, uncertain work for production crews.
A lot of my spreadsheets contain macros, which, of course, fatten the files.
While the Dutch of the world have to puzzle out new size standards that will mean higher doorknobs and light switches, and longer beds and ambulances, American ergonomics experts are figuring innovative new ways to fatten rapid transit seats to accommodate the manifest destiny of America's bountiful butts.
The report pointed out that the expanding tuna farming industry's need to feed and fatten the caged tuna has also resulted in increased fishing pressure on some local stocks of small fish such as the anchovy.
sibling the location's "New Year's resolution was to fatten up our January calendar.
In the wild, Magellanic penguins live on the southernmost coasts of South America and migrate every fall: They set off on a 5-month-long swimfest north to warm waters off Brazil, where they fatten up on fish before swimming back home to mate and molt (shed all their feathers).
A developer has not been named; however, Van Fatten is still targeting Jan.
As Spitzer put it, Americans "cannot tolerate anti-competitive and deceptive practices that allow drug companies to fatten their bottom lines illegally at the expense of people who depend on this drug.
The reason, the scientists suggest, is earlier break-up of winter ice, which leaves the bears less time to hunt and fatten up.