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These essays wed scholarly mastery over primary texts to a hard-hitting prose that uncompromisingly explodes the fatuities, solecisms, and fuzzyminded theories of the gums of avant-garde politics.
Douglas Keeve's documentary Unzipped, about fashion designer (and Keeve's former boyfriend) Isaac Mizrahi, operates, perhaps involuntarily, as a corrective to the smug fatuities purveyed by Robert Altman's recent, regrettable film about the fashion industry, Ready-to-Wear.
Ellis has an ear for the homophobic and misogynistic fatuities of his social set, and an eye for their A.
John Maynard Keynes, after many a brilliant false start in the 1920s, found his greatness in the Great Depression, which demanded a revision of such neoclassical fatuities as the automatic equilibrium among consumption, investment, interest rates, and employment.
A network of whanau advocates to liaise with community groups and Maori wardens has been established to work with fatuities experiencing hardship to ensure they are getting all available assistance.
They recognized how at its best his dissenting voice had challenged the complaisance of an increasingly illiberal American world, challenging the fatuities and suppressions of his time and place.
A study by an Oregon economist, Randall Pozdena, found that, if all states had adopted his state's smart-growth policies before 1990, more than 1,000,000 fatuities that had become since 1990 would not have been purchase their homes.
We attract fatuities into this area because of the school districts, and there are some nice houses built thanks to that.
The text is a collage of found fatuities and dead-batteries language--an NPR transcript of an interview (with listeners' call-ins) of two photographers of hideous atrocities, the kind of people who begin every other sentence with "basically.
Or that we were a spoiled, arrogant, self-indulgent, unloving lot who rejected the beliefs that might have saved us and embraced murderous lies and high-minded fatuities instead?
Edward Luttwak has been our nation's most prominent "bad boy" writer on strategy and military affairs, puncturing with equal relish the fatuities of arms controllers, politicians, and generals.
Blunders and fatuities are solidly built into the biographies and permeate our culture and literary histories" (5).