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None of this fatuity has stopped the EPA from upping the ante with corn ethanol.
Charters and Caldicott represent that fatuity in formally eccentric terms.
Camillo Formigatti's essay is trenchant in pointing out the fatuity of trying to define what"mythological dimensions" means (which this collection does not do other than impressionistically) and also pointing out how un-mythical, as it were, Gaiman's treatment of myth tends to be.
Literature exposes the fatuity of simplistic truth, while human life is replete with meaning no matter how absurd events may appear (beauty is solipsistic and amoral).
He is a member of the adjunct fatuity at the California Institute of Finance, a graduate school at California Lutheran University.
Dave Obee has been researching fatuity history on the Prairies for thirty years and has written several books about genealogy.
It was a clumsily choreographed step meant to create the impression of even-handedness but only revealing the utter fatuity of the proceedings.
After my brother was born, my parents decided they wanted us to grow up knowing our fatuity and culture, so we moved back to India.
The inimitable novelist, Martin Amis, is amusing in this context--'let's not forget that worldwide fatuity, 'www', which cuts three syllables down to nine'--The Second Plane (London: Jonathan Cape, 2008) 195.