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Thaoor said it is fatuous to revive UN resolutions after 72 years, four wars and changes to demography & territorial boundaries of POK.
That's because, in the world of gesture politics, the fatuous Michael Gove has declared 'we have not done nearly enough to deal with the problem of climate change.
Out supporters have said the money could be better spent on schools and hospitals in Britain, but Major said "these promises of expenditure on the National Health Service or elsewhere are frankly fatuous".
LATHA MANGIPUDI: The Nashua Dem wins big (19 points) in her House race over former House Majority Leader Peter Silva, the man made those whose ridiculously fatuous remarks about "New Delhi" just a few weeks earlier.
I've heard some fatuous excuses for piling the pounds on but that one takes the biscuit.
Their chairman in Wales' ' response (Letters, June 12) to Jonathan Edwards' ' outlining of the huge potential losses that the people of Wales would suffer consequent upon a English Home Counties led withdrawal from the EU is at best fatuous and at worst an insult to the intelligence and nous of the people of Wales.
fantasists who lived in a warehouse, dreaming up grand yet ultimately fatuous schemes to become rich and powerful.
Johnson made a rather fatuous statement recently to the effect that the 1812 War "made us a nation"!
Sprite-like Irish film critic, historian and documaker Mark Cousins has done many commendable things to honor the medium he loves so deeply--notably last year's "The Story of Film"--but his fatuous vanity project "What Is This Film Called Love?" is not among them.
TO complain about the Tories attacking the poor and disadvantaged is fatuous.
Just like at Conwy nature reserve overlooking the estuary, a wonderful view is blocked by a fatuous sign telling you how wonderful it is.
It struck me as fatuous then, even intellectually dishonest.