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It struck me as fatuous then, even intellectually dishonest.
I READ the article about the forest ranger in The Journal (September 9) with some dismay, especially in relation to the fatuous reasons for killing deer given in the paper, such as the fact that the presence of deer would invite poaching.
This argument is largely fatuous, because free market principles also imply customers willingly paying prices to which they have agreed - not prices forced on them through deceit and, sometimes, a threat of violence.
It's fatuous to say he should have been running, the Gold Cup is the pinnacle and we believed it was the right plan.
THE fatuous protestation parade, led by the laughable city fathers, leads me to despair.
Doesn't give a damn about the victim's rights but always ready to climb on to their pins and their high horses when it comes to protecting their thug clients as they ferret out loopholes and get-out-ofattacking jail-free cards - usually on legal aid and, of course, aided and abetted by the fatuous European Convention on Criminals Rights.
In recent times, he has been neglected, taken as a minor figure, a fatuous court painter of bohemian high society.
Cheryl Cole, a meteoric star of our fatuous celebrity age, has filed for divorce.
Bashir and his regime have traded fatuous conciliatory gestures with that of neighboring Chad, for example, on numerous occasions.
The adults in these stories range from the fatuous to those who hold not only readers' sympathies but those of their own teenaged children.