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Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy and others fatuously, um, gush about the legendary publication.
When this wretched man in black waved his red card at Birmingham Cit y striker Peter Ndlovu for what he fatuously construed to be a dive, one scribe turned to another and said: "I wouldn't have Mr Stiles refereeing a game of Scrabble.
Montaigne fatuously suggested that those cultures may even have something to teach Europeans.
The one truly promising lead is discovered by a female officer, whose clue is fatuously dismissed by Park but seems, in fact, the most likely key to the crime.
The Tories have shown no more sense on this issues with David Jones fatuously commenting that flying a little flag on your way to Colwyn Bay isn't going to spark any violence.
They definitely need to tone down their histrionic promos - CNN touted ``A new enemy: a special coalition led by Saddam's son'' like the villain of a James Bond movie, while MSNBC fatuously hyped former TV wrestler Jesse Ventura as ``one of America's most respected independent voices.
Among the new technologies that signal the beginnings of early modernity, gunpowder, printing, and the magnetic compass share a traditional priority conferred upon them most fatuously by Francis Bacon.
Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (2004) almost avoid making Julie Delpy into a sprightly but stereotypical gamine, but Delpy herself is a cliche, albeit an intelligent one, so limited in range that Ethan Hawke gobbles both films down to the gizzards, even with his most fatuously overworked mannerisms.
In future episodes, David assails tasteless office gags (only after he has become the victim of one), becomes frighteningly petty during an office social function and fatuously injects his galloping ignorance into a management consultant's day of motivational speaking.
I want to claim that the theater is England's lively pictorial culture, the answer, the compensation, the supplement in the face of all the painting, sculpture, and art theory that was so fatuously alive in the European civilizations that Elizabethans dreamed about.
is fatuously narcissistic; Daphne's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) a pampered, disaster-prone priss.
The mortal word "surrealism," brandished so fatuously in this artist's biography, has some concomitance in Tanning's astounding paroxysms of erotic furniture, one example of which, RainyDay Canape, 1970, brought the little show to its knees (as well as to every other portion of the tweed-and-stuffing anatomy).