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No-one who has looked twice at this period can have failed to have been impressed by the opportunism of the British and the Prussians, the alternation of arrogance and desperation in Austrian policy, and the consistent fatuousness in Russia's attempts to be the arbiter of European affairs.
It's at times like this that the Peking Politburo must stroll through the corridors of the Great Hall Of The People chortling to themselves at the fatuousness of Western politics and the selfindulgence of its free press.
It also exposes the fatuousness of the Quartet and the innocence of those who lecture Palestinians on the priority they need to assign to institution building.
The fatuousness of what is now in train can be illustrated by considering even the following few points:
primary season, the world-famous fatuousness of the Bush Administration is not the only danger.
You don't need to be a resident of Berwick-upon-Tweed to feel your mind boggling at the fatuousness of this idea.
The only consistency between the right's attack on Darwinism and embrace of social Darwinism is the utter fatuousness of both.
And let's not forget that cynosure of fatuousness, Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger, the perpetually adolescent publisher of the Times, who sets the tone.
HOW ARE WE TO SITUATE HEATH AND Potter, leftists who scoff at the fatuousness of what the Left says and does?
Now, while we are supposed to take Charles's pronouncement ironically, as one more instance of his blindness or stupidity--we are told that it was the first and only 'grand mot' he ever uttered in his life--there is no doubt more signified by his comment than at first appears, as is true of so many statements in the novel that on an immediate level reveal a character's fatuousness, but yet are incisive on another level.
After Lancaster refers to the physical separation or "severing" of Falstaff from Hal in further pursuit of the rebels, one of the film's most resonant images follows, as Hal, ostensibly preoccupied with the outcome of his responsible conduct in the battle and Falstaff's fatuousness, slowly paces across a windswept patch of ground in high-angle longshot, metonymically eschewing his life with his companion by dropping the tankard of sack upon the ground.
John Pawson's clinically austere Novy Dvur Monastery (AR April 2004) butted up to the priapic fatuousness of Future Systems; Richard Murphy's precise, Scarpa-inspired projects segued into off-the wall jokiness from Ron Arad.