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Learning to stage one's voice through one's own well-wrought examples is the only way a writer grows out of fatuousness and egotism.
Though the results are often harsh, they're never pitiless; even when he zeroes in on their fatuousness or discomfort, Avedon lets his subjects burn incandescently bright.
Though this usually fades when the real world encroaches, Peter is wise, I think, to warn us of the fatuousness of the current celebrity culture which threatens to prolong the dream beyond adolescence.
It isn't going to be easy The Manual is over-run with petty nonsense and it's going to take an army of editors to clear away the fatuousness in the code.
During the Beaufort's ball, for example, "The Radetzky March," by Johann Strauss, blares out with a self-satisfied fatuousness.
I don't wish to split hairs (but if I do, I always trim the excess fatuousness from the hares after splitting), but think about it.
In the United States, Microsoft's travails reveal the fatuousness of the claim that governments are powerless in the face of footloose capital.
For example, there is no escape for the aunt of "The Youngest Doll" and her sexual repression (symbolized by the aroma of ripe sweetsop oozing from her leg) other than to liberate her niece from her husband's greed and fatuousness.
This is because "seeing the bottom" reveals the prevalence of race behind the facade of colorblindness, and therefore the fatuousness of rigid adherence to the race neutrality doctrine.
intervention in Somalia was said to be "nation-building," that operation was such a failure that it proved the fatuousness of that objective.
Q: The fatuousness of the language that came along with these therapies seemed to rankle you?
Not In Our Classrooms makes its case well, underscoring the fatuousness of creationist science on every level: constitutional, educational, and scientific.