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but I'd as soon offer to take hold of a blue ignis fatuus light in a marsh.
What substitute can there be imagined for this ignis fatuus in finance, but that of permitting the national government to raise its own revenues by the ordinary methods of taxation authorized in every well-ordered constitution of civil government?
It may be only an ignis fatuus, after all, but it can do no harm to follow it with my eyes and rejoice in its lustre, as long as it does not lure me from the path I ought to keep; and I think it will not, for I have thought deeply on my aunt's advice, and I see clearly, now, the folly of throwing myself away on one that is unworthy of all the love I have to give, and incapable of responding to the best and deepest feelings of my inmost heart - so clearly, that even if I should see him again, and if he should remember me and love me still (which, alas
Bush," he said, "in believing that some ignis fatuus of the imagination has deceived Abiram, in the signs or symptoms of which he has spoken.
In the ignis fatuus, the "foolish light" of power, we can see the "glowing ardor" of the Conciones portrait and, even more clearly, the nightmarish meteor of Barere's soliloquy.
Kept aloft - that is, "relevant" - by a constant barrage of moronic platitudes concerning the meaninglessness of life (as if this were a new discovery), the emptiness of the sexual relationship (the latter-day democratization of whose romantic aspects is a dwindling luxury afforded by high capitalism's temporary redistribution of wealth), the absence of God (though most of the writers would seem to prefer Dickinson's ignis fatuus to the rigors of religion and faith or even a coherent moral philosophy), the impersonality of city life (the writers are by and large the pure products of Middle America - i.
Illusion is no longer the disguised voice of repressed desire, an ignis fatuus baffling relationship and seducing reason from its authentic goals; it is rather what a theologian might call the ground of our being, enabling relationship, authenticating reason and empowering imagination.
161) of the serpent, Satan leads Eve as the ignis fatuus "misleads th' amaz'd Night-wanderer from his way" (9.
It bears, as well, on Dickinson's horrified realization that "The abdication of Belief/Makes the Behavior small--" (Poem 1581 [1882]), and perhaps even on her resigned conclusion--namely, "Better an ignis fatuus / Than no illume at all" (Poem 1581).
On a more comprehensive level it is an ignis fatuus [that is, an illusion] which convinces Edna that there is no way" (76).
The abdication of Belief Makes the Behavior small-- Better an ignis fatuus Than no illume at all.
The natural phenomenon of ignis fatuus is better known as what?