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What substitute can there be imagined for this ignis fatuus in finance, but that of permitting the national government to raise its own revenues by the ordinary methods of taxation authorized in every well-ordered constitution of civil government?
If I dared, I'd touch you, to see if you are substance or shadow, you elf!--but I'd as soon offer to take hold of a blue ignis fatuus light in a marsh.
A personal influence is an ignis fatuus. If they say it is great, it is great; if they say it is small, it is small; you see it, and you see it not, by turns; it borrows all its size from the momentary estimation of the speakers: the Will-of-the-wisp vanishes if you go too near, vanishes if you go too far, and only blazes at one angle.
It may be only an ignis fatuus, after all, but it can do no harm to follow it with my eyes and rejoice in its lustre, as long as it does not lure me from the path I ought to keep; and I think it will not, for I have thought deeply on my aunt's advice, and I see clearly, now, the folly of throwing myself away on one that is unworthy of all the love I have to give, and incapable of responding to the best and deepest feelings of my inmost heart - so clearly, that even if I should see him again, and if he should remember me and love me still (which, alas!
Bush," he said, "in believing that some ignis fatuus of the imagination has deceived Abiram, in the signs or symptoms of which he has spoken."
There is a tangled semantic web of words such as 'idiot', 'lunatic', fatuus, stultus, mente captus, non compos mentis, lucida intervalla, that is not resolved by appeals to the written record.
The advocates of the latter must acknowledge it to be an ignis fatuus and abandon the pursuit.
Van Brakel, The Ignis Fatuus of Biogas Small-Scale Anaerobic Digesters (Biogas Plants'): A Critical Review of the Pre--1970 Literature, Delft University Press, 1980.
This book aims at balance: Brian Boru exploited the disintegrating "Ui Neill high-kingship of Ireland," "which admittedly had never been as all-embracing as later generations of nationalists wished to believe (but neither was it the ignis fatuus to which modern revisionists have sometimes relegated it" (118-19).
The natural phenomenon of ignis fatuus is better known as what?
Error-riddled textbooks burn with the ignis fatuus, the unseen foolish fire, of Miseducation, providing neither heat nor light, yet burning, burning all that it comes in contact with.
Most common are: Akkadian Hebrew kesil and peti, Mishnaic Hebrew.sote, Greek moros, Latin morio and fatuus. (4) In the majority of cases, these terms designate intelligent people with cognitive dysfunction.