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The experimental error in other frequency and temperature ranges proved to be too great due to the faultiness of the instrumental technique itself.
at 220-21 (highlighting the faultiness of human memories when information is inconsistent with stereotypes and pointing out that people can also have "'memory illusions,' in which [people] recall stereotype-confirming behaviors that never actually transpired") (citing Tadesse Araya et al.
If our symbols are incorrect or faulty, we inherit the faultiness of the symbolic transformation.
In one of the book's more intriguing essays, contributor Susan Fast delves into the faultiness of memory using Live Aid as an example.
Brady is never shy of the quasi-pornographic, the edge where the loving and the explicit touch; faultiness and fullness meet in the structure of erotics.
However, Gilman draws attention to the faultiness of this assumption, and its implied expectation that women's intellectual projects must be fanciful and creative, by depicting the narrator's relationship to the wallpaper as supremely rational and, at times, almost empirical; she seeks to "follow the pointless pattern to some sort of a conclusion" (19).
The presence of putabam marks the faultiness of the protagonist's understanding, and the narrator explicitly calls Habinnas a comissator rather than praetor.
31) proposes 'receives,' it is not hard to realise the faultiness of that translation here, as it seems the composer of The Wanderer used the word in the sense 'wait,' as we can see in the line "A man must wait, then utter a boast" ("Beorn sceal gebidan, ponne he beot spriced," l.
The reassessment of gender categories is the most remarkable consequence of this approach: the author demonstrates the faultiness of perceiving Hispanic culture as sexist, with texts and images depicting Joseph as a forgiving husband to his mysteriously pregnant wife, and a nurturing father to his foster son.
We were so certain of the poll's faultiness that we had polling firm Compas Research repeat it--offering respondents a choice of clear and varied responses.
ITEM: "Canadian officials, Prime Minister Paul Martin and Toronto Mayor David Miller," reported the All Headline News website for December 28, "blame the faultiness of U.
The slight distortions seem to echo the faultiness, the catches and strains of the lovers' bodies: