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We were united in our admiration for Saraswati Park, which we found utterly absorbing and faultlessly written," said BBC Radio 4's presenter Stourton.
The script was brilliant and the cast performed faultlessly.
The innovative 45 watts + 45 watts amplifier delivers silky smooth sound, while the newly developed CD player faultlessly plays CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 discs.
When asked how well the machine was functioning engineering manager Ralph Shaw walked up to the machine pushed the start button and watched as it ran faultlessly.
Sheaves installed some 10 years ago, and still in use, have operated virtually faultlessly, according to sales engineer Luc Debruyne.
Fleming faultlessly captures the range and register of these four voices, and each is equally strong and distinctive.
Last year's breakout "reality" television show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, depicted homosexual males as unapproachably hip, faultlessly tasteful people willing to help less refined heterosexuals overcome their shortcomings.
So what to make of this faultlessly persuasive and blatantly gimcrack illusion?
In his inaugural speech called 'The business of science--building a better world,' Van der Veer expressed the view that: "science and industry must 'work hand in hand for the benefit of society," stating that science must" deliver faultlessly on decisions that are based on dialogue with relevant stakeholders.
When life is going faultlessly, why do we sometimes let despair prevail?
Laservision marketing manager Mr John Eustace said each of the company's attractions needed to perform faultlessly year after year.