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The narrator's body speaks the frailties that her mistress exemplar is not allowed to voice, and engages in an implicit dialogue with the iconic faultlessness of the princess's deathbed performance in the process.
Such structures are described by enlarged strength, stiffness and faultlessness (reliability) features.
Said Variety mugg "Watt" (alias Roger Watkins): "For all the wear and tear which has robbed his pipes of their faultlessness, Sinatra remains a master of presentation.
To me, implicit in the narrator's defence of Ruggiero's latest indiscretion with Angelica is an eager, although playful, profession of the inevitability and, more to the point, the faultlessness of lust.
for it refuses to locate faultlessness in any one of its
A severely self-critical perfectionist in the tradition of Gerard Dou, and aspiring to the same glossy faultlessness, van der Werff could and did spend four months of intense application on a single small cabinet-picture.
Internalist theories of justification best capture faultlessness in belief acquisition and belief maintenance.
The skeptical worries are relevant to the analysis of epistemic faultlessness in the following way.
Similar difficulties for an externalist account of epistemic faultlessness arise in the context of a second sort of example.
The completeness, effectiveness, and faultlessness of the technology must be guaranteed.
The maxim "less is more" was attributed by Robert Browning to Andrea del Sarto, expressing the legendary faultlessness of this Renaissance artist, but it is more familiarly associated with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his ideas for modernist architecture.