faulty reasoning

See: fallacy
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So warped by faulty reasoning was the criminal mind of Rokoff's lieutenant that he could not grasp the real truth of that which lay between himself and the ape-man and see that always the fault had been, not with the English lord, but with himself and his confederate.
a) great pleasures b) personal experience c) UFOs Proselytize a) To convert someone from one belief to another b) To debate c) To preach at tedious length Stoical a) Indulging in faulty reasoning b) Resigned c) Self-indulgent Shakespearean words Shakespeare probably didn't invent many of the words and expressions that are credited to him, but he was the first person to write them down.
According to the SDA, this is an obvious case of faulty reasoning and the use of a red herring.
While welcomed by many as an overdue reckoning for those who have plundered Pakistan over the years, a whiff of political persecution hangs in the air as critics of the government point towards how, in addition to often being based on faulty reasoning, the cases being brought forward in the name of accountability conveniently seem to be focusing on opposition politicians alone, with nary a word being said about allegations of corruption by the ruling party itself or other state institutions.
However, to seek solace behind such faulty reasoning is nothing but a grave insult to all those who read law diligently and obtained their degrees after years of hard work and fulfilling the rigorous demands of scholastic discipline.
While pointing out that these ideas are obviously incorrect, Asma tries to explain the faulty reasoning behind them and why creationists are not swayed by scientific proof.
However, there is a pervasive faulty reasoning that a private business offering public goods is public property.
Some feel that Lewis's arguments lack air-tight logic and are built on faulty reasoning. Lewis makes clear that his case for Christianity rests on far more than reason alone.
Experts said the content on Twitter that was used to polarize voters included divisive and inflammatory rhetoric, as well as faulty reasoning or misleading information.
If some or all of the students are incorrect and demonstrate faulty reasoning (no reasoning, guess attempt, or incomplete reasoning), the process is repeated with another similar problem.
Akers and Chingos cut through this faulty reasoning with simple explanations of how student loans can be affordable--and worth it--even if it doesn't look that way based on half a year's income.
So the whole idea that it is wrong and that we should be able to emerge unscathed might be faulty reasoning.