faulty work

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"I wish I could!" And an intense desire shone in Rebecca's face, as she saw her faulty work, and felt how fair her model was.
Court proceedings are ongoing as the Department of Education attempts to claw back the cost of the essential repairs to fix alleged faulty work.
He also instructed the municipal services department to depute staff on stormwater drains because these drains are filled with garbage due to faulty work of solid waste management board.
* (https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/midwest/2018/10/29/505868.htm) Ohio Supreme Court: Subcontractor's Faulty Work Not Covered by Contractor's Policy
As a result the Supreme Court held that under the language of the CGL policy, property damage caused by a contractor's own faulty work is not accidental and is therefore not covered.
He visited Lal Khan Shakh where tail and head abadgars made complaints him about use of substandard materials in lining work and faulty work was being made at the site.
Pollution liability can occur when faulty work is the direct cause of environmental contamination, and professional liability arises when technical errors contribute to an incident.
Note:The Supply Of Pumpset Shall Accompany Test Certificate And Warranty Of 12 Months From The Date Of Acceptance Aganist Any Manufacturing Defects Or Faulty Work Manship.
The faulty work did not have to apply to the insured's property -- the policy merely said any property, on or off premises.
During a visit to Azan Khan Shaheed School in Sector F-8/3, where the premier inaugurated the Montessori section as part of the Prime Minister Education Reforms Programme on Friday, he took strong exception to the faulty work carried out by the CDA saying, public money should not be wasted and drained by carrying out poor quality work, which also puts students lives at stake.
So while $2 million or more might have been from faulty work, everything else dwarfed that, as far as repairing the work and the impact on the schedule.