favorable opinion

References in classic literature ?
When I left him, he was sufficiently occupied in expressing his favorable opinion of you to her Ladyship.
The answer she received was guarded in the extreme: it did not impress her with a favorable opinion of Mr.
You appear to be so well acquainted with the favorable opinion which Miss Alicia and I entertain of each other, that I hope it will be no fresh shock to your nerves, if I inform you, in plain words, that I have come to Crickgelly to marry her.
Arnold read the note without appearing to share his friend's favorable opinion of it.
The first incident in it was not such as to give me a very favorable opinion of the place to which we had wandered.
Tom, meanwhile, had shown no disposition to rely on any one but himself, though, with a natural sensitiveness toward all indications of favorable opinion, he was glad to see his uncle Glegg look in on him sometimes in a friendly way during business hours, and glad to be invited to dine at his house, though he usually preferred declining on the ground that he was not sure of being punctual.
Though facts compelled her to judge her husband, her religious duty led her to keep up as best she could a favorable opinion of him; she showed him marked respect; honored him as the father of her child, her husband, the temporal power, as the vicar of Saint-Paul's told her.
According to the report, the voters have a more favorable opinion of the IRS, jury duty, hipsters, public radio fund raising drives, and motor vehicle departments.
The public continues to see state and local governments in a favorable light, according to a Pew Research Center survey Overall, 63 percent of those polled say they have a favorable opinion of their local government, virtually unchanged over recent years.
47% of poll respondents expressed favorable opinion and 43% expressed unfavorable opinion of the President's Administration.
Given these findings, not surprisingly, 58 percent of those polled had an unfavorable opinion of PPACA, while 36 percent had a favorable opinion.
The swing voters who will play a pivotal role in determining his political fate are up for grabs, the poll found, with just 31 percent expressing a favorable opinion of Obama.