favorable time

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After conceding the favor, and appointing a more favorable time for the meeting, Elizabeth succeeded in getting out of the store, into which the countrymen now began to enter, as usual, where they met with the same attention and bien seance as formerly.
No pecuniary considerations made it necessary, in this case, to wait for a favorable time.
Intracoronary infusion of WJMSCs is safe and effective in patients with AMI, providing clinically relevant therapy within a favorable time window.
American observer Daniel Serwer also stressed that this is not a favorable time for BDI to leaver the Government.
To this end, by focusing on the financial needs of the government's key projects, livelihood projects, the growth of small and micro enterprises, and other major areas of the real economy, ICBC has drawn on its market analysis expertise and advantages in multi-tier sales channels, and actively guided enterprises to issue bonds at favorable time windows, which effectively reduces the bond issue costs for different types of enterprises.
37pm on a Saturday night is the most favorable time and day to have sex for many couples.
However, eight out of ten Romanians believe there is not a favorable time to put away, both now and during the next year.
Favorable time is foreseen for those trying to acquire property.
LEO (Jul 24-Aug 23) You should find this is a really favorable time to get all your affairs in order.
The good news for would-be renters is that traditionally fall/winter is a much more favorable time to search for rental housing when compared to the peak summer months.
This is a time for us to get stabilized on the present market, t secure the present portfolio which we hold and it is not a favorable time for any expansion on another field.
Currently the price level on the stock market is lower compared to the past years' average, and therefore many analysts believe it's a favorable time to make long-term stock investments," Fedotova said.