favorable time

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No pecuniary considerations made it necessary, in this case, to wait for a favorable time.
As exercise in the open air was in some degree necessary to the habits of the family, when the constant recurrence of frosts and thaws rendered the roads, which were dangerous at the most favorable times, utterly impassable for wheels, saddle-horses were used as substitutes for other conveyances.
Now for such projects - the most favorable time, since Eastern Europe shows the fastest rates of economic development: 3-4%.
Aimed at reducing the cost and time of travel from Mindanao's industrial hubs to the Indonesian port city of Bitung, the opening of the shipping route came at a favorable time when trade between the two countries was strong, Widodo said.
The tradition involves opening new bank accounts, since the New Year is considered a favorable time to start new projects and pay back old debts and loans.
He told participants that it was favorable time for Pashtun nation to awake and education their young generation for de-radicalization.
The researchers concluded that intracoronary infusion of WJMSCs is safe and effective in patients with AMI, providing clinically relevant therapy within a favorable time window.
American observer Daniel Serwer also stressed that this is not a favorable time for BDI to leaver the Government.
The percentage of respondents that considered the current quarter as a favorable time to buy big-ticket items was broadly steady for consumer durables and motor vehicles but decreased for real estate," noted the BSP.
37pm on a Saturday night is the most favorable time and day to have sex for many couples.
However, eight out of ten Romanians believe there is not a favorable time to put away, both now and during the next year.
Favorable time is foreseen for those trying to acquire property.