favorable verdict

See: acquittal
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On Friday, March 13, 2015, Life360 received a favorable verdict in the United States Court for the Southern District of Florida (Case Number 9:14-cv-80651).
dollars in some major cases to get a favorable verdict.
A favorable verdict would also help another coalition of states - including Oregon, California and Washington state in the West - set tougher limits on carbon dioxide emissions by cars and trucks.
received a favorable verdict in its arbitration against one of its own.
Making the evidence as meaningful as possible will make it more likely for the lawyer to obtain a favorable verdict, she advises.
A favorable verdict for Swiss Re came in May 2004, when a jury found that 13 companies, led by Swiss Re, had bound coverage based on a form issued by Willis Group Holdings Inc.
After the favorable verdict, Vinson, impressed by his own success, left academe and opened a consulting firm that in 10 years grew into a $25 million company employing over 100 psychologists, sociologists, and marketing experts.
Jordan III, senior vice-president and general counsel of Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, underwriter for Lawyers Title of North Carolina, the favorable verdict following the long-running, arduous litigation has set a precedent for acceptable practices among title insurers, not just in North Carolina, but across the country as well.
To date, none of the recent municipal anti-gun cases has made it to trial, let alone delivered its plaintiff a favorable verdict or settlement.
He argued that test results would prove that he and the victim had never met, that questions about her identification had come up during his trial, and that DNA evidence would have led to a more favorable verdict.
22) It does not seem fair for a class action plaintiff to receive a favorable verdict in a lawsuit and then end up paying more in Federal income tax than he or she recovered.
After a jury gave Biehl a favorable verdict, the two parties reached a settlement.