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We measured brand loyalty with the degree of brand preference, brand favorableness and purchase intention which are properly selected scales used by Aaker(1991) and Chaudhuri and Holbrook(2001)
Leadership situations in academic departments: Relations among measures of situational favorableness and control.
The authors noted, "Contrary to expectation, there was substantial congruence in the degree of uniformity and favorableness of the stereotypic traits associated with blacks and whites, with participants revealing both strong positive and strong negative trait associations" (p.
Therefore, the perceived favorableness of a decision has the potential to further confound how the decision maker is viewed by third-party observers.
Another group of persons (including male and female) told this researcher that they count on the favorableness of the situation of the situation.
H2: The greater the perceived favorableness of competitive conditions, the greater feasibility and desire should be.
Four items asked about the favorableness of the youth's overall behavior, departure conditions, goal achievement, and predicted future success, using 7-point scales ranging from "very unsuccessful" to "very successful.
Event-related outcome measures included a 10-factor analytically-derived assessment of negative affect, a measure that examines the religious resolution of the event, and a general outcome measure that evaluates the favorableness of the event's resolution.
Favorableness or hostility of the environment (S), which is an important variable in research on private organizations, examines the effect of fifteen external conditions (e.
This index provided a single measure for assessing the total favorableness of each characteristic.
The favorableness of the outcome of the precedent and the assignment of the high- and low-fact cases to the taxpayer CFS were both manipulated as between-subject factors resulting in a fully crossed 2 X 2 design.
At those same times during 1989 and 1990, the favorableness of the two environments for vegetative growth of switchgrass was estimated by measuring heights of individual plants from ground level to the apex of the panicle of the longest culm.