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1-10, which measured Americans' opinions of 22 countries and found Russia among those viewed least favorably.
On the other hand, fewer than half (46 percent) of Democrats view business corporations favorably, whereas seven in 10 Republicans do.
While the preliminary December reading was largely unchanged from last month, consumers evaluated current economic conditions more favorably and expected future prospects less favorably," said survey director Richard Curtin, adding there is "no indication of a potential break in the prevailing positive trend in sentiment.
While only 43% of Americans viewed the Democratic Party favorably, the Republicans were given the lowest rating for either party since Gallup began asking the question in 1992, RT reported.
In the same poll, Cruz was viewed favorably by 88 percent of Tea Party identifiers - 32 points higher than Cornyn - and "very favorably" by most of them (80 percent).
According to the report, the poll showed that then GOP presidential nominee John McCain was viewed favourably by 59 percent of Americans four years ago at this time, Mitt Romney is now viewed favorably by just 48 percent of Americans.
55 Percent of registered voters surveyed who sag that they view Democratic candidate Barack Obama favorably (as of September 11, 2008).
The growth in limited liability companies as operating business entities may increase the opportunities to favorably use a fiscal year.
This should compare favorably with the cost of the same car in a cash transaction.
There are circumstances where the IRS proposes large deficiencies which are not likely to be resolved favorably at the audit level.