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Among Pushto speaking community, 25% PTI, 10% PML-N while 3% favored PPP.
9) and with the number of exceptions that parents favored (0.
Some of the restrictions on civil rights favored by those surveyed included requiring Muslims to register with the federal government, allowing federal agents to "closely monitor" mosques and permitting undercover agents to infiltrate Muslim civil and volunteer organizations, the Religion News Service reported in late December.
As for remedying that problem, 90 percent of those polled (93 percent of the public-school parents and 86 percent of the nonpublic-school parents) favored action "to improve the quality of the public schools in the poorer states and in the poorer communities.
3% of respondents favored more-detailed disclosure of such plans, and none disfavored additional disclosure.
Those who have been favored as nestlings might look for more generous mates that can provide plenty of food for a hungry brood, she says.
Each year from 2004 to 2015, a majority of Americans said they favored the use of nuclear energy, including a high of 62% in 2010.
According to the CBS News/New York Times Poll, almost 53 percent Americans said that Romney's policies favored the wealthy, while 11 percent said that his policies favoured the middle class.
The survey found that 66 percent of evangelicals favored the proposal.