favored treatment

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It's the same with her favored treatment, Ultherapy, which is completely safe.
To be sure, there were people at the time of the founding who believed that Christianity should receive favored treatment. Some even argued for an officially "Christian nation."
More recent, the News Media Alliance has urged Congress to look at how Google pressures media outlets to put stories in its 'Accelerated Mobile Pages' format, which also tightly restricts ad formats and provides Google a new source of revenue in exchange for giving publishers favored treatment in search results.
The crux of the more current reform is to maintain the most valuable part of the tool, an -year property tax abatement, which can only be utilized in a citys Central Business District (CBD) with a presumed historic nexus to slum/blight to justify the favored treatment. One issue left unresolved from last year was a definition of slum and blight that everyone could agree upon and where commitments were made this fall to re-examine.
Given that, Jones said he can understand why service professionals in disfavored categories might be looking for ways to get favored treatment. While Jones said that a number of strategies have been kicked around, he stressed that none is without flaws.
After all, 'Larawan' had the lineage to demand respect, if not favored treatment, from the festival bureaucracy.
But the Arabs liked the Jews, and had given them favored treatment with Christians during Ottoman Muslim rule throughout the Middle East.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a favored treatment method for the aforementioned mental illnesses.
Even though Democrats favored treatment approaches over Republicans, there was a "near consensus" of support among all groups for treatment (83 percent) and prevention (92 percent) in a 2002 study.
For picture 1 and 4 more percentage of male students favored treatment need whereas for picture 2 and 3 more percentage of female participants opted for treatment need.
He said the PCB selection committee is just a dummy and all the favored treatment is done by the Chairman and other top officials.
A 2012 meta-analysis of 23 RCTs with 2585 patients examined the effect of antispasmodic agents, alone or in combination, to treat IBS.2 Pooled results from 13 RCTs with 2394 patients (69% female, ages 16 years or older) favored treatment with antispasmodics over placebo for abdominal pain (odds ratio [OR]=1.5; 95% CI, 1.3-1.8).