favoring circumstance

See: advantage
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Under favoring circumstances, Isabel's maternal grandfather might have been Archbishop of Canterbury, and have taken precedence of the whole House of Peers, the Princes of the blood Royal alone excepted.
That feeling was not brought to the surface, but the fact that it was there and could have been brought out, under favoring circumstances, was something -- in fact, it was enough; for it showed that a man is at bottom a man, after all, even if it doesn't show on the outside.
I know it is difficult for people in these instructed times to believe in uncle Pullet's ignorance; but let them reflect on the remarkable results of a great natural faculty under favoring circumstances.
Schools for all our children and all our seasons must await the arrival of narratives designed to provide - if not the favoring circumstances of birth - the favoring circumstances of richly textured educational environments guided by caring, competent, and professional teachers, Mr.
And, of course, there is a high correlation between these two sets of favoring circumstances, both little affected by proposals for school reform.