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He had a great interest in the disappearance of the favorite. He lies under suspicion of having poisoned the stable-boy, he was undoubtedly out in the storm, he was armed with a heavy stick, and his cravat was found in the dead man's hand.
As Desborough, their horse, was second in the betting, they had an interest in the disappearance of the favorite. Silas Brown, the trainer, is known to have had large bets upon the event, and he was no friend to poor Straker.
How he went out to it, and his astonishment at recognizing, from the white forehead which has given the favorite its name, that chance had put in his power the only horse which could beat the one upon which he had put his money.
Kenny's favorite food is Chinese food, his favorite teacher is Mr.
Favorite Small Performing Arts Center: South Orange Performing Arts Center, South Orange
This year also introduces five new categories for voting: Favorite TV Host, Favorite TV Judges, Favorite Superhero and Favorite Gamer.
Favorite Album - Pop/Rock: "reputation", Taylor Swift
Other category winners are: Soft Pretzel Stick (favorite bakery), Spiced Cider (favorite beverage), Dark Chocolate PB Cups (favorite candy), Unexpected Cheddar (favorite cheese), Cold Brew Coffee (favorite coffee), Organic Ketchup (favorite condiment), Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo (favorite home/bath), Soy Chorizo (favorite "meat"), Peanut Butter Pretzels (favorite snack), Bananas (favorite produce), Arugula (favorite salad) and Pumpkin Butter (favorite pumpkin).
Your favorite fictional Latino heroes, be it in books, movies.
The sitcom about a group of scientists was awarded trophies for favorite network TV comedy and favorite TV show, while co-star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting was chosen as favorite comedic TV actress.
Bullock, 49, picked up three awards for favorite movie actress, dramatic movie actress and comedy movie actress for her roles in existential space drama "Gravity" and in female buddy-comedy "The Heat." She also won favorite movie duo alongside her "Gravity" co-star George Clooney, while the film won favorite drama movie.
As has been true for over 30 years, Americans continue to name football as their favorite sport.