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'With human to human contact expected with the manual call-up system, favoritism will set in,' a truck driver who identified himself as Bode Olawummi told Nigerian Tribune exclusively.
Elders and civil society members asked FATA Secretariat and UNDP officials to probe the alleged corruption, irregularities, nepotism and favoritism in developmental schemes in tribal areas.
Favoritism towards relatives of government officials in university placements
Keywords: Recruitment policy, Favoritism, Distributed Justice, Motivation INTRODUCTIONIn modern world, workforce is considered a great asset to any organization.
Although the link between favoritism and depression and aggression has been consistently reported across the majority of studies, the direct correlation between parental favoritism and children outcomes is noticeably weak (Plomin, Asbury, & Dunn, 2001), which suggests that other variables may moderate or mediate the relationship between parental treatment and children's social and psychological problems.
Asma refreshingly outlines the moral virtues that come with favoritism: loyalty, generosity, and gratitude.
" It is unfortunate, but I would like to say that we have so much favoritism in our game.
DM responds: Favoritism happens to students, and unfortunately in professional dance companies, too.
Despite these ethical principles and the existence of the Convention, allegations of discrimination or favoritism sometimes surface in education (Milliyet, 7 October 2006).
Perry is above all committed to a principle of "continuity," the recognition of which, he believes, is crucial for an adequate understanding of what favoritism may have meant at any given moment.
That report laments, contrary to reason, "that inappropriate political interference [from the Bush administration] and media favoritism are compromising federal climate science." In fact, the Bush administration has long accepted global warming as fact, and media reports are invariably skewed in favor of the most sensationalistic of global-warming scare scenarios.
He whinges about this favoritism until Luke collapses and is rushed to the hospital.