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Favoritism towards relatives of government officials was also revealed in academia when ystanbul University's Open and Distance Education Faculty (AUZEF) was reported to have accepted relatives of government officials despite their lack of the required credentials.
Employees' favoritism is a form of corruption, but it can be illustrious from other types of corruption, such awareness of the equality of the procedures used to implement employment justice within a precise organization [8].
Although the link between favoritism and depression and aggression has been consistently reported across the majority of studies, the direct correlation between parental favoritism and children outcomes is noticeably weak (Plomin, Asbury, & Dunn, 2001), which suggests that other variables may moderate or mediate the relationship between parental treatment and children's social and psychological problems.
Despite these ethical principles and the existence of the Convention, allegations of discrimination or favoritism sometimes surface in education (Milliyet, 7 October 2006).
Perry is above all committed to a principle of "continuity," the recognition of which, he believes, is crucial for an adequate understanding of what favoritism may have meant at any given moment.
Private economic favoritism may be frustrating to foreigners, and it may have an illegitimate racial dimension.
Content for the new title includes coverage of such topics as: professional development, compensation and benefits, surgical procedures, office management, client relations, communications strategies, finances, efficiency, client-related stress, missed charges, scheduling, staff relations, including favoritism and morale problems, and marketing.
He cited the recent controversy over the appearance of favoritism toward evangelical Christianity at the U.
In the first case of its kind, the California Supreme Court has ruled that widespread sexual favoritism in the workplace can create a hostile workplace environment.
Under this burden of proof, the court said, an isolated instance of favoritism would not constitute sexual harassment.
Lest he be accused of favoritism, Ben-Ner trains the spotlight on his daughter in Elia--a story of an ostrich chick, 2003, a spoof on Disneyfied nature documentaries.