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To measure levels of favouritism, researchers looked at responses from both the children and their parents.
In the Maspero Empire, favouritism and connections are the only way to success.
Northern Municipal Council vice-chairman Sayed Ahmed Al Alawi also accused the ministry of favouritism during a Press conference at the Manama Municipal Council's headquarters in Zinj.
There was further joy for favourite-backers in the third race as the Eoghan O'Grady-trained Headford Flyer, ridden by Andrew McNamara, easily justified evens favouritism.
The letter by R&D refers to the "unacceptable" favouritism shown by the Chairman of the Dispensation Committee towards officials working in the different cabinets in 2006.
Unions have suggested Britain should follow the example of its European partners and show favouritism towards plants at home.
1 Be honest with yourself - favouritism is common and almost inevitable.
It does not awards party tickets for election on the basis of wealth, favouritism and nepotism.
Ruby, who is studying for a philosophy degree, said she wasn't bothered by accusations of favouritism.
Favouritism reveals itself in many ways, some of them apparently inconsequential, but very important in the mind of a child.
What I find as a former regular in one of the antecedent regiments of the Royal Welsh - the Royal Welch Fusiliers - is the unbelievable naivety shown by the MP for Cardiff Central who has said that any favouritism being shown to Scottish regiments was in her words, "categorically rubbish".
Islamabad, March 19, 2012 (Frontier Star): The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has shown favouritism in tent-pegging event on Sunday, said Chief Editor of Horse & Horseman Magazine Adil Shah.