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MANOVA was used to analyze birth mass depending on sex and time within fawning season (Bonferroni post-hoc test, dependent variable: BM, fixed factors: sex, period).
But the fawning season also coincides with localized prickly pear fruit becoming available for black bears to consume (Cunningham et al.
Begun as a side project, Tu Fawning quickly became permanent after Corrina, Joe and their multi-instrumental cohorts Toussaint Perrault and Liza Rietz struck sonic gold on debut album Hearts On Hold.
And the most interesting form of ingratiation is one that will be familiar to Washington Monthly readers--who by definition are smart enough to see through the simpler forms of brown nosing and fawning praise--and must therefore play the Master Game, where flattery is coated in irony and cynicism.
1995 for Storfosna), the yearly variation of environmental conditions during fawning time as assessed by early survival (in Trois Fontaines) and population density (on Storfosna) was great enough to generate differential family effects according to two broad types of years (favorable vs.
Habitat used by pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) during fawning is important to fawn survival (Autenrieth 1982).
Thus, the tighter the breeding window, the more concise the fawning period that follows.
Typically, I programmed the female deer collars with the VIT identification numbers prior to deployment with the collar connected to a computer and programmed the fawn collar identification numbers via satellite message about a month prior to fawning.
Fawning dates differ across the South, but are critical to fawn survival.
Ideally, if we were managing for wildlife and not hay, we'd try to mow after fawning, the later in June, the better.
This timing of births extended the fawning period of white-tailed deer (range, 19 May-6 August) and created considerable overlap with mule deer (range, 20 June-20 August).