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Pakistanis see the cables in a distinctly different light, portraying both the government and opposition as fawningly pro-American and duplicitous.
Carlos the Jackal," as the press fawningly called Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, was the first modern terrorist superstar.
Many of those in the West who have fawningly embraced Indian spirituality awaken some fine morning to the realization that religion is partly an expression of social structure, and that they may have unwittingly swallowed -- hook, line, and sinker -- some values and assumptions of a staunchly authoritative patriarchy.
This was after she fawningly applauded new Labour leader Ed Miliband at the Labour Party conference, when he suggested that our involvement in the Iraq war was wrong.
Rafsanjani has extolled his former foe as "the most qualified person to resolve the current problems" and has fawningly remarked that "the supreme leader has never endorsed extremism or transgression of the law.
He is head and shoulders above the two fops, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, fawningly played by Jordan Coughtry and Michael Pesoli, respectively (both of whom have other roles in the production).
He has dumbed himself down, renouncing his undoubted intelligence and top educational qualifications, as he happily pursues the bankruptcy economics dictated by the man he fawningly refers to in public as 'our president'.