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My fealty to the mighty Kauto Star knew no bounds but as any pro will tell you, the slightest trace of emotion when punting will sooner or later deliver you to the poor hoose.
Destined for VOD and homevid consumption after brief theatrical play, this indic drama might well attract viewers with its high-concept, if stomach turning, scenario (loosely based on stranger-than-fiction real-life events) about an attempted escape from a Utah-based cult that promotes ritualistic underage marriages, demands total fealty to an authoritative Prophet--and gives a man license to have sex with his offspring.
The Economist has no ancestral fealty to any party, but an enduring prejudice in favour of liberalism," the editorial said.
This and other lessons are outlined in these pages in an effort to shed light upon how the United States might also tread a path toward national standards, even national testing, without sacrificing our fealty to local control, properly conceived.
The issues raised in the article form a veritable checklist of halakhic concerns, from the questions of kavod ha'tsibur (respect for the congregation) and division raised by those expressing fealty to the tradition to the questions of inclusion and spirituality raised by Tova Hartman and others who challenge Orthodox strictures.
Joseph Sturge declared in all honesty (and with some heat) that he loathed the Established Church and could hardly campaign for its overthrow in his private life, but swear fealty to it as a councillor.
It seems that Cold Fact's fealty tales foretold a lifetime of righteousness.
Porus was a raja, a semi-autonomous ruler of a very small area, one of scores who were allowed to rule their little principalities as long as they owed fealty to the Emperor.
Too often, they note, established companies are hamstrung by fealty to their own reliable and repeatable processes.
McCain has hewed with increasing fealty to the strict Republican Party line: All tax cuts, no matter how unaffordable or unfair at the start, must be preserved; no tax increases may be considered; further tax cuts should be on the table.
The most charitable thing one can say about this fealty to the occupy-Iraq-forever crowd is that it is geopolitically illiterate.
They swear fealty to each other, forever, and become Warbound.