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There are a number of these characters in The Lord of the Rings: they multiply as the book progresses; their fealty is the mainstay of Middle-earth and what guarantees that all of its people will survive.
John's fealty to the king prohibited him from taking up arms against what he considered his own country and crown.
But in the end, fealty to VMPS precepts produced a major win-win for the system and its patients.
In both pieces, as well as other projects, she has been directed by Sellars, to whom she swears uncommon fealty.
He is in the fourteenth century using the dead body of a man named Hugh and he is trying to get Isabel of the nearby convent to pledge her fealty to him so he can use her as a conduit to return to the twenty-first century.
And as he became the imperious head of a personality cult, he preached total freedom but demanded total fealty.
And to the one who declared unending fealty to Jesus, "Jesus said to him, 'Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head'" (v.
It is a sad commentary when today's pope and Vatican officials have to defer to this type of organization because it is one of the few groups that shows fealty to the present Vatican administration.
Unwilling to carry the cost of developing a small, turbocharged engine mated to all-wheel-drive, GM tapped Subaru to provide this technology to Saab, though Chevrolet or Pontiac are in desperate need of a sport compact capable of reducing young buyers' fealty to Honda's Civic.
Unfortunately, the real issue is that too many of those who make the newspaper industry's decisions about training expenditures have insufficient fealty to the notion that lifelong learning is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of any human being in the workplace.
Many states also sanitize American history in order to foster fealty to the American way: the Texas Education Code provides that "textbooks should promote democracy, patriotism, and the free enterprise system.