fear of danger

See: fright
References in classic literature ?
These are my enticements, and they are sufficient to conquer all fear of danger or death and to induce me to commence this laborious voyage with the joy a child feels when he embarks in a little boat, with his holiday mates, on an expedition of discovery up his native river.
Thus, fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than danger itself, when apparent to the eyes; and we find the burden of anxiety greater, by much, than the evil which we are anxious about: and what was worse than all this, I had not that relief in this trouble that from the resignation I used to practise I hoped to have.
"Fear of Danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than Danger itself, when apparent to the Eyes; and we find the Burthen of Anxiety greater, by much, than the Evil which we are anxious about."
Winthrop, though possessed with a dim fear of dangers attendant on so long a journey, and requiring many assurances that it would not take them out of the region of carriers' carts and slow waggons, was nevertheless well pleased that Silas should revisit his own country, and find out if he had been cleared from that false accusation.
Emily's mother says her daughter is a happy girl but she has no fear of danger or things that could harm her.
It may be precisely defined as "an act or means of putting an individual or the entire human race at alarm by the fear of danger to its very existence by any violent or terrorising act."
Speakers educated the participants about the symptoms of autism in children which included difficulty in mixing with other kids, inappropriate behavior, no fear of danger, little or no eye contact, repetitive and ritualistic behaviors, apparent insensitivity to pain, inappropriate attachment with objects and difficulty in expressing needs.
When you live under constant threat or fear of danger, your coping mechanisms deteriorate.
The important point for these people is the fear of danger for their children.
He claimed that the defeat of the rebels from Panakuac and capturing of some of their areas has lessened fear of danger they posed to oil installations which they (opposition forces) had declared to be their targets in attempt to deny the government any opportunity to reopening the affected facilities.
The stakes are high and there is a real fear of danger and darkness.
It's daredevils who get things done, change the world and make a dierence, while the rest of shudder for fear of danger.