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To sum up the results, it can be claimed that the behavioural responses indicating fearfulness, i.
We can decrease the risk of unwanted traits like fearfulness through careful breeding, but we can never completely weed those traits out.
It is very important not to do anything to reward him if he has started to show any fearfulness, not even reassurance as this will be misunderstood as praise.
The West's dependence on Big Oil together with its own blind commitment to cultural sensitivity, an allegedly anti-racist tolerance for the barbarian "other," and fearfulness about the consequences of speaking out--have together brought this about.
Whatever degree of fearfulness you or a client feels, it needs to be addressed if it affects your healthy functioning in the world.
Puppies separated before 8 weeks experience a greater incidence of problems, such as excessive barking, fearfulness on walks, reactivity to noises, toy or food possessiveness, attention-seeking behavior, and destructive behavior as adults.
This culture of embarrassment, fearfulness and downright confusion of what is and isn't acceptable is one we have all created and too many of us buy in to.
Republican primary voters -- and voters in general, actually -- skew pretty old, so maybe this explains the extreme fearfulness and suspicion of foreigners that has permeated the presidential campaign so far.
Thus, "O'Connor's fiction recognizes both the fearfulness and the transformative possibilities of the borderline place, the place where self and other converge" (82).
While PM Modi is a prisoner of his extremist right wing supporters, PM Sharif conveys a deep-rooted fearfulness of the Establishment.
Decision-makers in higher education are beset by the problem of fearfulness.
At the ages of 9 and 18 weeks, birds were examined for aggression and fearfulness.