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As a customer of the feasibility study project, TAVANIR, upon an agreement with Rosseti and Azerenergy, will determine the feasibility study developer among the companies with relevant experience in similar works in the electric power industry.
The Proposed Panay-Guimaras-Negros Island Bridges Project is undergoing a feasibility study under CCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd.
'The company will complete the feasibility study in 90 days after which the government will decide whether the construction will be carried out on a loan or on BOT basis.'
"It is the DOTr that has been pushing for a feasibility study on a cable car project in the country.
The Neda-administered PDRS was allotted P1.595 billion under the 2018 national budget, to be spent on crafting feasibility studies and master plans for big-ticket infra projects.
Mr Faisal said the aim of the MoU was to assist in giving support for the realization of the project and contingent on the results of the feasibility study, both sides will reach a decision for its future.
The Ministry of Railways always had asked for competitive bidding for its projects and appreciated the participation of the CRCC in bidding of ML II feasibility study.
The other two agreements included feasibility studies for the establishment of agriculture production and marketing company, creating an integrated environment serving farmers in the sultanate, as well as the feasibility study for a logistics company that will focus on exploring opportunities in logistic services.
The draft plan includes construction of the subway, however, according to the hearing participants, it lacks feasibility study.
Contributors mostly from--but not representing--a US engineering company help train mining students, young professionals, and even people in mid-careers learn to prepare a full-blown evaluation and feasibility study of the mineral potential on a piece of property.
He said that upgrdation of feasibility study from Gwadar to Mustung and new rail link from Besima to Jacobabad via Khuzdar, the proposed link would start from Gwadar and connect with Mustung/Wali Khan (an existing station on Quetta-Zahidan Line 48 kms from Quetta) via Turbat, Hoshab, Punjgur and Besima having a length of 899.89 kms.
The $18.5 million project will develop and complete exploration, geological, hydrological, geotechnical, economics and environmental studies, compiled in a feasibility study to determine the technical and economic feasibility of the Dighipara coalfield, which is believed to contain 865 million metric tons of coal.