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The city is expecting a positive announcement of $28,000 of government funding under the Rural Economic Development program for the feasibility study, which is expected to cost $46,000.
The feasibility study involves site visits, interviews with senior management and key staff of the visited organization, the submission of its budget information and the development of a proposed capitation rate by the state Medicaid agency.
A basic estimate of the value of the owners' shares is fundamental to any ESOP feasibility discussion.
T/J Technologies started about five years ago with a $50,000 Army SBIR contract to conduct a feasibility study relating to structural materials.
The feasibility study phase provides resources to the innovators to explore their preliminary idea and to modify their original thinking through information obtained from clients and cosmopolitan informants in other organizations.
These discussions include funding alternatives and the possible extension of their option to the end of 1992 or early 1993 to allow time for considerably more exploration drilling as well as additional fill-in, confirmation and condemnation drilling, further metallurgical test work, engineering studies and the preparation of a bankable feasibility study.
We believe the proposed Santa Clara site has all the assets that add up to that, and we're looking forward to working with Mayor Mahan and the City Council to determine the feasibility of building that stadium here.
The goal of the feasibility study is to determine the cost of the infrastructure and how much we can save, or what our return will be on our investment.
Provide additional data for geotechnical, hydrological and other information required to complete a final, bankable feasibility study
On the basis of those encouraging findings, Kinross approached the city with the idea, and the city immediately jumped on board, volunteering to lead project management by organizing meetings, handling advertising for the RFP for a feasibility study and applying for government funding through FedNor and Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp.
The early feasibility responses in HeartNet-treated patients are similar to those demonstrated in early trials evaluating cardiac resynchronization therapy, a treatment that has since been demonstrated to provide substantial longer term benefits to applicable heart failure patients receiving the therapy.
Once the feasibility study is complete, and we have given Wahnapitae different options, they will choose one and start to work on the funding to develop it," says Kaltiainen.