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Shah and other pro-Keti Bandar people make, there are others who believe it was not feasible essentially for its location in the delta of the Indus River.
com that to be able to make it feasible and affordable, you need a sustainable budget that is consistent, which you can predict from year to year and that doesn't get canceled in the next administration.
In player 2's turn we show a feasible region (Definition 2.
The regulations implementing Prop 65 provide a safe harbor for three different levels of certain chemicals: levels posing "no significant risk" for the chemical as a carcinogen; levels that have "no observable effect," assuming exposure at one thousand times that level, for the chemical as a reproductive toxicant; and levels that are "naturally occurring," if they have been reduced to the "lowest level currently feasible.
17%) said it will be feasible in way or another, and the same percentage voted for its feasibility on the medium levels, while 9 voted (11.
It's just not feasible to ship domestically produced poultry all across Russia.
In part, the code provides that a condemned public way shall be located along the nearest feasible route to an existing public road.
NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, located in Herndon, VA, recently released a report detailing the levels of energy efficiency that standard office buildings can reach while remaining economically feasible.
As communicated with congressional staff in July and August 2008, despite our diligent efforts in exploring various approaches, we have concluded that it is not feasible for us to address the mandate as written.
Summary: The White House on Monday reiterated that the United States supports Sahara autonomy under Morocco's sovereignty as the only feasible solution to the Sahara issue.
Abstract The initial feasible basis is a elementary concept in simplex method of solving linear programming problem.
In Reaction Time, Ian Lowe examines the science and the politics of nuclear power, as well as the feasible alternatives in an era of global warming.