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For many Nigerians who cannot distinguish in pronunciation between the letters v and f, and between the long and short vowels, it would be a herculean task distinguishing in use between feasible and visible.
"Is it feasible to have a few games played in neighbouring countries?
As per IMF's conclusion, they are the only feasible option left for Pakistan, since the authorities were unable to provide a tangible plan to guarantee smooth flow of dollars to meet international debt obligations, said sources in an international financial institution.
The organization said that "it is only through development of all the feasible sources available to us can we expect to have a substantial impact on the negative influence that energy costs have on businesses here in New Hampshire.
It was the most feasible one that the survey transpired at that time, he claimed.
After considering the evidence, the court determined the reorganization plan was not economically feasible. For a plan to be feasible, it must be practical and have a "reasonable prospect of success." The reorganization plan required the Meinders to have sufficient capital to purchase more cows.
Muscat, Oct 8 (ONA) The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries seeks to provide agricultural layouts for agricultural investment in the future and providing the necessary regulations for regularizing the use of available agricultural land plots for expansion in the feasible crops.
According to Corporate Communications Director Jeff Sieg, Lehigh Hanson recognized early on that mining in the area would not be economically feasible and the company routinely looks at sites across Canada and the United States.
GENEVA, May 26 (KUNA) -- The UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura expressed his aspiration that the next round of the intra-Syrian talks resume as soon as feasible. Meanwhile, the Syrian peace talks will certainly not resume within the next two to three weeks, de Mistura said in an issued statement by UN his office.
He stressed that the West realized that the sanctions against Iran were not feasible, and what was announced by Obama that the sanctions made Iran to sit behind the negotiating table is incorrect because the sanctions were not feasible ./ End
Set forth below is a summary of the respective design defect standards utilized by each state as well as each state's position regarding any requirement for a claimant to demonstrate a feasible alternative design.
CHANCELLOR George Osborne's plan for a new northern England highspeed rail link is "feasible and by no means impractical", according to a rail expert.