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Everyone loves a buffet but for feasters they can be a minefield.
Rustlers owner Kepak Group bought Feasters from Eatwell, a subsidiary of Irish meat giant ABP, on 1 Feburary and has moved production of the range to its HQ in Kirkham, Lancashire.
Half of 3,000 taking part admitted they snacked due to boredom, with almost a quarter (23%) describing themselves as emotional eaters who nibble when sad and stressed, the Feasters food company survey found.
Other players in the category include private labels like Aditya Birla Retail's Feasters.
Feasters story is straightforward and the emotion is often raw.
There are also openings for raven impersonators, giants, all-purpose feasters, a Norse god and Northumbrian goddess and their accompanying nymphs.
If you roasted them the traditional way (long and slow), you'd get cottony, dried-out white meat, and a lot of Thanksgiving feasters started to see turkey-eating as a chore.
The heavy downpour of rain--regarded by Jordanians as God's blessings--two days after Christmas Day, however, didn't help shake the Christmas spirit but it certainly dampened the hopes of feasters, who were hoping for snow instead.
If you need some great snack food in the fridge look out for new Fast Feasters stocked in Asda at pounds 1.
Continental Feasters sandwiches, hot from the microwave but with a fresh baked taste, are now available from Eatwell UK Ltd.
From a practical point of view, this approach has certain advantages for human feasters, since it removes any clear distinction between sacrifice and feasting, to the extent that sacrifice to a god in most cases appears as little more than a good excuse for yet another party, (4) just as, conversely, all feasting is assured of divine sanction by the simple means of giving the gods their token share of food or wine.
Snack manufacturer Eatwell (UK) was at Anuga to launch its new Feasters microwaveable sandwiches.