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The waddling, featherbrain was quickly hunted out of existence by Europeans on its native Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
(In fact, Ibsen remarks in his "Notes" for the play that men make the laws and judge a woman's conduct from a man's point of view, "as though she were not a woman but a man.") His righteous refusal to borrow money is a particularly ironic example, and his contemptuous attitude toward Nora's intelligence and sense of responsibility--he calls her his "little lark," his "little squirrel," his "little featherbrain," his "little spendthrift," and so on--actually reflects men's prevailing view toward women: that they are owned property, playthings, dolls to be housed in toy mansions and be indulged, but only sparingly.
The clever fox represents the discerning participants of the obloquy-laden journal, launching their assault against the frivolous featherbrains of the art world.