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It is the featured attraction of Holland America's Glacier Discovery Cruise, a seven-night excursion from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Seward, Alaska, that is offered several times between May and September.
Here nature is the featured attraction, with 14 miles of sandy white beaches, 10,000 acres of lush tidal marshes, and one of the East Coast's largest stands of protected maritime forests.
will also be able to experience "Jimi Hendrix: On the Road Again," a multi-dimensional production which will be a featured attraction in the festival's "Surreal Field.
Another amazing addition to this card is special featured attraction Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley 11-2 (5) v.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Work crews at the I-X Center are preparing for a weekend of excitement when the featured attraction of the NARI Home Improvement Show arrives this Sunday (January 23rd) at Dock #35.
On the indie ska compilation scene, Van Nuys' six-piece Hippos have been a featured attraction for years.
The All-Ohio State Fair Band has been a featured attraction at the fair since 1925.
At the luncheon, however, Schaeffer turned in an engaging performance as the featured attraction in equal parts comedian, historian and motivational speaker.
FAMED New York City graffiti artists Fernando Romero and Mike Baca will be the featured attraction at Rutenberg Realty's art exhibition on Sunday, July 31.
The system provides cashless transactions at each featured attraction via card readers which dial-in automatically to LPOS.
The SportsPrize Tournament will be a featured attraction on the site.
Women are the featured attraction at the silver anniversary celebration of the largest gathering of Scandinavian-Americans in California, scheduled for California Lutheran University this weekend.