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motel rooms in a thousand other small / featureless / american
The first spectra of this planet also were featureless, but indicated GJ 1214b's atmosphere was dominated by water vapor or hydrogen, with high-altitude clouds.
BEIRUT: A man dressed in nondescript grey clothing stands in a featureless beige room.
Bored by the featureless speeches at the fundraising dinner, I
The yield on the key 10-year Japanese government bond was unchanged Friday morning amid featureless trading after a bond auction ended successfully the day before.
SO, THE Victorian Villas of Edge Lane were left to rot to allow for another featureless development.
He sees us but we don't see him, not because he's a ghost but because he's a steel mask on an idea--he is featureless, eyeless, ageless and nameless.
But we should also expect it to complement and enhance the appearance of the area - too many modern developments are just featureless boxes.
It would be a small price to pay to retain a fragment of historical Cardiff in an area that is dominated by tower blocks and featureless car parks, and could even work in their favour as the pub is a popular attraction for people taking a tour of the city.
Aa But the charred lump was worse, a charcoaled, partial baby held aloft by a sobbing medic in supplication to the white phosphorus which had made it barely recognizable, a sacrificial burnt offering, featureless face stumps of arms below the waist its baby legs a shark-gnawed fish tail, vestigial remnants of bones blackened in a barbecue in hell.
But how they actually complete such difficult voyages across featureless expanses of ocean without getting lost has baffled scientists for generations.
Spin's rapid urbanisation has created a rash of nondescript suburban peripheries characterised by anonymous housing interspersed with faturelless erspersed with featureless pubilc space.