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The tribals of Bankura districts, West Bengal, India also use the plant as a febrifuge [65].
It is locally used as analgesic, febrifuge, narcotic, and purgative by local population.
Boneset is a stimulating febrifuge, which means it will induce perspiration.
The studies show that homogenous species are used as febrifuge, rheumatism anti-pain and gastric tonic in liver and skin diseases [2].
In Nigeria, decoctions of leaves and roots made from boiling are used as febrifuge.
Solanaceae) is described as antiasthmatic, aperient, diuretic, febrifuge, digestive, promotes conception and is used in constipation, dropsy and gonorrhea.
Elle est surtout utilisee en cataplasme sur le front et les tempes comme febrifuge, en infusion, indiquee dans les traitements de la fievre des intestins et la thyphoide.
Euphorbia helioscopia whole plant has great medicinal importance, the leaves and stems are used as febrifuge and vermifuge (Wu et al.
The young leaves and shoots are used as tonic in the diseases of the digestive functions and prescribed as febrifuge and antispasmodic.
Andrographis paniculata, known in Ayurveda as 'Kaalmegha' is considered in that medicinal system as having febrifuge properties.
They are also used for flatulent indigestion, as a febrifuge and are considered to have tonic and antihelmintic properties (Gemosen-Robineau 1995).