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Rectal or sometimes oral diazepam can prevent recurrent prolonged febrile seizures if necessary.
Cases were children of age group 6 months to 5 years presenting with simple febrile seizures to the Paediatrics Emergency Department and wards of the hospital during the study period.
Keywords: Febrile seizure, CSF, Lumbar puncture, Meningitis.
Conclusion: Febrile seizures were twice as common in children having iron deficiency anemia as compared to those who did not have iron deficiency anemia.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Febrile Neutropenia
Results: A total of two hundred-ninety nine febrile neutropenia attacks observed in the patients during initial treatment and relapse treatment were evaluated.
The RIVUR trial found that antibiotic prophylaxis reduced recurrent febrile or symptomatic UTIs by 50% and the benefit was greater in those with a febrile index infection and bowel-bladder dysfunction.
sup][15] Furthermore, NCX3 is involved in mesial temporal sclerosis, a condition that manifests in many TLE patients who have experienced febrile convulsions in their early childhood.
9] In a study involving febrile children <2 years old who were seen in an ambulatory clinic, bacteraemia was present only if the rectal temperature was >38.
During April 2013-January 2014, a total of 525 children <15 years of age were recruited for the study; 465 of the children were febrile (axillary temperature >37.
M2 PHARMA-October 28, 2014-Chembio, Integrated BioTherapeutics team up to develop point-of-care diagnostic tests for Ebola, febrile illness