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Yousefichaijan P et al [23] on the relationship between iron deficiency anaemia and simple febrile convulsion in children observed that the prevalence of anaemia in the group with febrile convulsion was significantly less than that in the control group: 22.5% of the children in the group with febrile convulsion and 34% in the control group exhibited anaemia (P < 0.001).
Factors prognostic of unprovoked seizures after febrile convulsions. N Engl ] Med 1987;316:493-8.
Association between Iron Deficiency Anemia and Febrile Convulsion in 3 to 60 Month Old Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
One of the most worrying calls is to young children suffering febrile convulsions and is the highest priority for ambulance crew.
IHI was found in 23 patients in the epilepsy group (27.7%), 15 patients in the febrile convulsion group (30.6%), and 14 patients in the control group (19.0%), with no significant difference between the groups (P = 0.27).
CT scan results Number GTCS, Partial, P value n (%) n (%) (a) Normal 73 63 (86.3) 10 (13.7) (i) Cerebral palsy 3 (ii) Febrile convulsion 14 (iii) Idiopathic epilepsy 38 (iv) Meningoencephalitis 18 (b) NCC 72 56 (77.8) 16 (22.2) 0.402 (c) Others 23 18 (78.2) 5 (21.7) (i) Meningoencephalitis 8 (ii) Acute disseminated 3 encephalomyelitis (ADEM) (iii) Trauma (SDH + SAH) 1 (iv) Gliotic lesions 2 (v) ICSOL 2 (vi) Structural brain abnorma 7 TABLE 5: Antiepileptic drugs used in children with GTCS and partial seizures.
Another study conducted by Daoud et al18 showed that children having febrile convulsions had low serum ferritin level when compared to those having febrile illness without convulsions.
Some investigators found a significant relationship between hippocampal volumetry and a history of febrile convulsion in early childhood before [12,35].
Home management of febrile convulsion in an African population: a comparison of urban and rural mothers' Knowledge attitude and practice.
AS TOLD TO AMANDA KILLELEA WHAT TO DO IF IT HAPPENS TO YOUR CHILD A febrile convulsion can happen when a child has a fever, normally caused by infections like chicken pox, flu or tonsillitis.
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