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Pres: violent and cruel towards the poor, foul-mouthed and obscene to women and democracy advocates, but feckless and spineless before China.
So, who are the feckless, selfish and downright stupid?
Unfortunately, the number of such beastly feckless, floating fathers seems to be growing in our societies.
Washington DC [United States], June 01 ( ANI ): United States President Donald Trump on Friday questioned as to why American-Canadian comedian Samantha Bee hasn't been fired for calling his daughter Ivanka Trump a "feckless c***" on the latest episode of TBS's "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee".
And there are others, like the pair at the markets, who have a dierent attitude - feckless, lazy, unwilling to shoulder the burdens that the rest of society take for granted and instead are wanting something for nothing.
Feckless fathers scattering love children in their wake come from every walk of life with every kind of bank balance.
The MP said another question relating to feckless fathers came up when he met the woman.
Call me a feckless rogue (rather than other optional names, please ...), but I like the Eagle Grips new Kirinite line, and you just might too.
Plague, famine and wolves couldn't stop medieval England, and feckless investors couldn't stop Christina Bucher from completing "Knight Knight," a droll but obviously underfinanced comedy that suggests Hope and Crosby in a post-Camelot Britain of moronic monarchs and petulant princesses.
But 95 per cent of it is paid, surprise, surprise not to the feckless scroungers, but to the working poor.
Despite his longevity, Kelly reckoned a nine-minute part as a feckless builder on Fawlty Towers gave him more fame worldwide than all his years acting.
She also made regular appearances on national radio and TV, expressing forthright views on issues from feckless parents to political correctness.