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Feckless fathers scattering love children in their wake come from every walk of life with every kind of bank balance.
The MP said another question relating to feckless fathers came up when he met the woman.
And yes, there are some who cheat the system but in nothing like the scale of the feckless rich.
These are the innocent kids who are found abandoned at motorway service areas as feckless parents disappear into the underbelly of society, trying to avoid the immigration authorities.
rises, swears he's the feckless fuckhead who molested my blood
But such is the British grit we will get through the recession and swine flu pandemic by supporting local farmers through hard times and not listening to nave, feckless "people" who have no idea what they are commenting on.
Should we, therefore, in these financially-straitened times, continue to hand over our money to such a feckless organisation?
These three contestants are so tuneless, humourless and feckless they made a mockery of the show.
Talk of broken societies and feckless kids might make tempting political soundbites but there are still a lot of people with good intentions willing to go through hell to realise them.
At this dangerous point in history, we must depend on the decisions of an astonishingly feckless chief executive: an empty vessel filled with equal parts Rove and Rousseau.