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Then there are Ann, a compassionate, highly competent woman who is tired of confronting the violence of the streets whether in her role as a registered nurse in an urban hospital or as the single mother of two teenagers, and Ollie, the dim, wannabe hustler who fecklessly tries to pick up where his murdered brother left off.
This Ship is bound with hoops and fretted with the osiers of observances, although some have been fecklessly broken, leaving the ship in a precarious condition.
BT have fecklessly handed the initiative in the battle for Internet business to the big American players.
The young and fecklessly fertile scroungers who populate the council estates of Wales should have enforced contraception, for how can they possibly know what's best for baby.
Like many sitcom characters, these six pair up a little more fecklessly and recklessly than real people.
38) Apart from this playfully casual allusion, however, the play incarnates in Don Pedro--and in the importunate residual "baggage" the play creates for him in the figure of the sociopathic Don John--traces of some greater world, a world of political imperium, intrigue, and power relations, a world toward which Hero's simile in the "pleached bower" fecklessly gestures.
I have watched this famous island descending incontinently, fecklessly, the stairway which leads to a dark gulf.
Indeed, one awkward TV anchorman, in groping for the proper handle, fecklessly called it an accident.
Jobs well done, Jones and Patel took a breather when the Bears took the new ball and Wright rapidly removed Malan, who mispulled fecklessly to mid-on, and Adam Rossington, caught behind.
Sometimes fecklessly, we brush aside the fact that for many children the lunch that our taxes provide for them in their schools is the only real meal they get.
And so the Lakers continue to hurtle along fecklessly while we watch, at once mesmerized and mortified.
Darren Pattinson slashed fecklessly to point and was sent on his way with some sharp words from Andre Adams who was doing his best to eat into the deficit.