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Or was she so fecklessly in thrall to her own wants, and to Lloyd's, that she literally sacrificed Aaron to the relationship?
On the home front, angel, violence and an increasing willingness to elect "any maniac" who fecklessly promises return to the good old days are predicted by pic's most pessimistic scolds.
Kester, as usual, is lurking fecklessly in the background.
k is also further proof, as if we needed more, that we took our eye off the ball with Saddam Hussein, and that one does not fecklessly start new wars when others are unfinished.
Contemporary art has abandoned its function as the visual wing of the house of poetry and morphed into a fecklessly "transgressive" subdivision of the entertainment industry.
In so doing, I will fecklessly vault over the dread and bloody process of attaining it on the unquestionably flimsy pretext that it is not directly related to the discussion at this point, and so I reserve the right to return to it.
He became a pitiable serial wooer, falling fecklessly in love with one young woman after another--ethereal pianists, aristocratic roses.
The young and fecklessly fertile scroungers who populate the council estates of Wales should have enforced contraception, for how can they possibly know what's best for baby.
Othello does not compare his irrational, murderous disposal of Desdemona with the Indian who fecklessly squandered a pearl, as if his disposal and the Indian's squandering were two discrete actions.
Like many sitcom characters, these six pair up a little more fecklessly and recklessly than real people.
The fundamental premise of this penchant is that man, through perpetually lying to himself in his continued use of such an artificial structure as language and its fabricated system of ideas, has fecklessly anthropomorphized or repressed his gloriously truthful, inherent status as a sentient animal.