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But the same sort of naivete and fecklessness have been evident on the foreign policy side as well.
Bibi's hawkish position has given Republicans, including frontrunner Mitt Romney (who last week published an angry op-ed accusing President Obama of fecklessness on Iran) and the Republican Jewish Coalition (which launched a new ad last week), cover to turn what might be a fairly useful foreign policy issueafter all, even Obama acknowledges that Iran's nuclear program is an American problem, not merely an Israeli oneinto the defining national security issue of the campaign, one that has come to stand as a totem for the president's basic values.
Be it fecklessness or an opportunistic streak that seeks to be on the right side of public opinion whatever the cost, Pakistani politicians have just not been able to tell the truth to the people, the ones whose interests they ostensibly represent.
The First World War gave the pessimists evidence of sloth and fecklessness and the optimists examples of redemption as the self-same soldiery fought off the Austrians on the Piave and at Monte Grappa after their near collapse at Caporetto.
The reason that young people are struggling in the job market is not because of their inherent fecklessness but rather because of the drying up of opportunities.
As if the woeful absence of political courage and cohesion was not enough to discourage investors, the EU's bureaucrats must surely win the gold medal for fecklessness.
Getting into debt was long associated with profligacy or fecklessness.
Freeman repeatedly identifies and condemns the arrogance and fecklessness of American foreign policy.
There was a last gasp of this glorious fecklessness in Anthony Andrew's performance as Sebastian Flight which helped to make Brideshead Revisited one of the greatest serials of all time and still much relished today.
Republican intransigence and Democratic fecklessness have been well chronicled.
The mystery piece, about a missing husband, is really a vehicle for exploring verbal harassment, snobbery, and paternal fecklessness in the eternal Chinese family and the neighborhoods hiding it.
That whiff of careening, heedless adolescent fecklessness is part of what makes the archetypal American male presence alarming when he is equipped with a global cudgel.