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If a nasogastric tube to passed, aspiration of feculent material may hint towards the diagnosis (1).
In view of the significant amount of feculent material draining from the rectum through the greater sciatic notch in the presence of fecal diversion (colostomy), we suspected that there might be an underlying fistula between the adherent small bowel loop and the recurrent rectal tumor either as a result of previous radiotherapy or direct tumor invasion.
The abdominal cavity contained feculent fluid consistent with intestinal perforation.
Gastrocolic fistula, usually from the transverse colon to the greater curvature of the stomach, is the most common fistula encountered, and 30% of patients with this fistula have the classic triad of diarrhea, feculent vomiting, and weight loss (4, 35).
In Professor Hendershott's homeland, the engine of anti-Catholic rage is fuelled by media-wise atheists whipping up the ancient passions of poor white trash who in earlier times would have joined the Ku Klux Klan, and of rich black trash who derive their entire learning from the most feculent daytime television talk-shows.