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If a nasogastric tube to passed, aspiration of feculent material may hint towards the diagnosis (1).
In view of the significant amount of feculent material draining from the rectum through the greater sciatic notch in the presence of fecal diversion (colostomy), we suspected that there might be an underlying fistula between the adherent small bowel loop and the recurrent rectal tumor either as a result of previous radiotherapy or direct tumor invasion.
In Professor Hendershott's homeland, the engine of anti-Catholic rage is fuelled by media-wise atheists whipping up the ancient passions of poor white trash who in earlier times would have joined the Ku Klux Klan, and of rich black trash who derive their entire learning from the most feculent daytime television talk-shows.
The admiration for this false, shallow, feculent Eccentric, is either half affectation, or complete madness
After writing my first response to Weiner's article ("Minority Report," September 20) I learned that, before finding a lodging in the feculent pages of Commentary, his effort had first been dangled in front of the editors at The New Republic.
But I couldn't help noticing that this weekend, BBC2 is offering us a chance to participate at a distance in the 27th Glastonbury Festival, where 80,000 feckless, feculent young people converge on Worthy Farm in the West Country, stand for three days in a muddy field without a change of underwear, listen to revolting music, pay five quid each for an aduki bean burger, get diarrhoea, and then go home again to Mummy and Daddy and pretend it was all wonderful.
THEY ['Bodies in General'] are Prepared and Depurated by the aforesaid, according to the Intention of Fire in this manner: These imperfect Bodies have superfluous Humidities, and a combustible Sulphureity, with Blackness generated in them, and corrupting them: also they have in them an Unclean, Feculent, Combustible, and very Gross Earthiness, impeding Ingress and Fusion', 9, passim) and (2) several explicit statements that the author is addressing initiates and budding initiates ('We published this Art [alchemy or chemistry] found by Us only, for our selves only, not for others.
Three days before admission, the patient experienced explosive diarrhea and feculent drainage through her PEG tube without associated fever, nausea, vomiting, or other systemic symptoms.
68%) patients were selected for primary repair with ileostomy, these patients had bad GC and other parameters with extensive bowel inflammation and feculent collection; 9 (9.
Par exemple : * 1 fruit le matin * 2 legumes a midi (1 feculent et 1 legume vert) et 1 fruit en dessert le midi * 1 fruit le soir La relation entre le cholesterol et l'atherosclerose a l'origine des infarctus du myocarde n'est plus a demontrer.
Immediate needle decompression followed by tube thoracocentesis in the left 5th intercostal space released a large amount of air under pressure initially, followed by feculent fluid.